Extended Abstracts

General guidelines for the Extended Abstract

Extended abstracts will be included in the Proceedings of the 16th Conference on Clouds and Precipitation (ICCP2012), which will be available only on a USB flash drive. No printed version of the Proceedings are planned.

The extended abstract should be included in a "pdf" file. Note that the extended abstracts will not be edited and will be included in the USB flash drive as sent by authors.

Extended Abstract Submission (http://www.eventclass.com/contxt_iccp2012/).

The new and final deadline for the submission of extended Abstracts is May, 22nd, 2012.

Suggested format for Extended Abstract

Font type: Arial
Font size: 11pt
Include the Title in CAPITAL LETTERS, centered in page
List of Authors and Affiliations, centered in page
Text should be displayed in two columns, sections numbered by numbers, with section titles in CAPITAL LETTERS. Insert Graphs and Tables in body of text
Please choose A4 size for paper and the following margins:
Top: 2.50 cm / Bottom: 2.00 cm / Left: 2.50 cm / Right: 2.50 cm
Do NOT include page numbers.
Maximum size: 4Mb


Extended Abstracs


Last Update: 2012-05-15