Board of the ICCP- Commission

(Showing country of origin and year elected)

President: Prof. Zev Levin, Israel, 2004
Vice President: Prof. Andrea Flossmann, France, 2004
Secretary: Dr. David O'C. Starr, USA, 2004


A list of all current members of the ICCP-Commistion can be found under:

There will be two committee meetings during the week of the conference (11 members will have to be replaced since they will complete 8 years. In addition, a new president, vice president and treasurer will have to be elected). The exact dates of these two meetings are still open.

Members of the ICCP- Commission

(Showing country of origin and year elected)

Dr. Darrel Baumgardner, Mexico, 2008 Dr. Sonia Lasher-Trapp, USA, 2008
Dr. N. Bezrukova, Russia, 2004 Dr. V. Levizzani, Italy, 2004
Dr. Reinout Boers, Holland, 2008 Dr. L. Machado, Brazil, 2004
Prof. St. Borrmann, Germany, 2004 Dr. Ryohei Misumi, Japan, 2008
Dr. Keith Bower, UK, 2008 Dr. Hanna Pawlowska, Poland, 2008
Prof. J-P. Chen, Taiwan, 2004 Dr. Johannes Quaas, Germany, 2008
Dr. P. DeMott, USA, 2004 Dr. Roy Rasmussen, USA, 2008
Dr. Annica Ekman, Sweden, 2008 Dr. Raymond Shaw, USA, 2008
Dr. G. Feingold, USA, 2004 Prof. S. Siems, Australia, 2004
Dr. Istvan Geresdi, Hungary, 2008 Mr. W. Strapp, Canada, 2004
Prof. X. Guo, China, 2004 Dr. Frank Stratmann, Germany, 2008
Dr. Anthony J. Illingworth, UK, 2008 Dr. Cynthia Twohy, USA, 2008
Dr. P. Kumar, India, 2004 Dr. Yan Yin, China, 2008


Local Organizing Committee

Chairperson: Dr. Heike Wex, Leibniz Institut for Tropospheric Research (IfT)
Dr. Hartwig Deneke, IfT Heike Scherf, IfT
Prof. Hartmut Herrmann, IfT Katja Schmieder, IfT
Dr. Yoshi Iinuma, IfT Dr. Frank Stratmann, IfT
Claudia Peter, IfT Dr. Ina Tegen, IfT
Prof. Johannes Quaas, University of Leipzig Dr. Ulla Wandinger, IfT
Prof. Andreas Macke, IfT Prof. Manfred Wendisch, University of Leipzig
Dr. Armin Raabe, University of Leipzig Prof. Alfred Wiedensohler, IfT
Beate Richter, IfT  

Last Update: 2012-07-13